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What is DePaul Cristo Rey High School?

  • DePaul Cristo Rey is an affordable Catholic college preparatory high school for young men and women with economic need.
  • DePaul Cristo Rey strives to develop the full potential of each student spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • DePaul Cristo Rey High School is a member of the Cristo Rey Network, which comprises 32 schools serving 10,900 students.
  • The school is located at 1133 Clifton Hills Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220, one block south of Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

How much will DePaul Cristo Rey High School cost?

  • The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) supports a significant portion of the costs of the students’ education.
  • A portion of the cost of the students’ education is covered by scholarships donated by generous individuals, families and foundations.
  • There is an out-of-pocket cost to families, but DPCR works with every family to find the level they can reasonably afford.

Is DePaul Cristo Rey only for Catholic students?

  • DePaul Cristo Rey serves young people of various faiths and cultures.
  • DPCR is Catholic with an acceptance and respect for all faiths.

How does DePaul Cristo Rey High School define economic need?

  • Although all applications are welcome, most DePaul Cristo Rey High School students qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program.
  • All applicants complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment which allows us to determine each individual family’s need.

Do all students go to work?

  • All DePaul Cristo Rey High School students participate in the Corporate Work Study Program.
  • The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is part of the curriculum and students are graded and receive academic credit for their work.
  • CWSP participation finances a portion of the cost of each student’s education.

How many days a week does a student work?

  • All students are assigned one day that they are to report to work every week. Once a month each student will work two days a week.

Where will DePaul Cristo Rey students work?

  • Corporate Work Study partners hire students to work in entry-level jobs in professional settings.
  • Partners include law firms, insurance companies, construction companies, colleges, and hospitals. Here's the list of current employers.

How do the students get to work?

  • The students arrive at school every day at the same time. On their assigned day, students are transported to and from work by DePaul Cristo Rey High School CWSP staff.

Does the work schedule interfere with academic studies?

  • Following the successful model of other Cristo Rey Network schools, students at DePaul Cristo Rey High School fulfill all the requirements of a college preparatory school in an extended day format. The daily schedule is organized so that students complete a full weekly class schedule every week.
  • Students do not miss classes on their work days.

What type of jobs do students have?

  • Although there are many types of industries that participate in the CWSP, students typically have similar entry-level clerical duties. These duties include answering phones, working in mailrooms, copying and filing, creating PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets, greeting and assisting customers, or running office errands.

Do students get paid directly?

  • The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) operates as a temporary staffing agency; money that is paid by companies goes directly toward the cost of the students’ education at DePaul Cristo Rey High School.

How are the students prepared when they start their CWSP positions?

  • Students are required to attend the CORE summer training program prior to the first day of school. During this training session, students learn business skills and etiquette to help them succeed at work.
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