The Cristo Rey Network® is the only network of high schools in the country that integrate four years of rigorous college preparatory academics with four years of professional work experience through the Corporate Work Study Program. Comprised of 38 Catholic, career focused, college preparatory schools, the Cristo Rey Network delivers a powerful and innovative approach to education that equips students from families of limited economic means with the knowledge, character, and skills to achieve their aspirations.

While Cristo Rey® schools are locally owned and operated, the Cristo Rey Network national office protects the integrity of the movement and advances school excellence and innovation by:

  • Surfacing, scaling, and standardizing effective practices across all schools through professional development offerings, convenings, and consultation in academics, college enrollment and completion, Corporate Work Study Program, performance measurement, and governance;
  • Facilitating new school growth through development and implementation of a national growth plan and support for new schools;
  • Supporting mission accountability – as defined by the Mission Effectiveness Standards –through school evaluations and data analysis; and
  • Stewarding national branding, visibility, and fundraising.

Mission Effectiveness Standards

The Mission Effectiveness Standards articulate the shared mission and identity of the Cristo Rey Network of schools. Taken as a whole, these Standards establish the intent to which schools agree to operate, and by which they can fulfill their mission and empower students to succeed in college and life as productive, faith-filled individuals.

A Cristo Rey Network school:

1.  Is explicitly Catholic in mission and enjoys Church approval.
2.  Serves only students with limited economic resources and is open to students of various faiths and cultures.
3.  Is family centered and plays an active role in the local community.
4.  Prepares all students to enter and graduate from college.
5.  Requires participation by all students in the Corporate Work Study Program.
6.  Integrates the learning present in its work program, classroom, and extracurricular experiences for the fullest benefit of its students.
7.  Has effective administrative and board structures, and complies with applicable state and federal laws.
8.  Is financially sound.
9.  Supports all students in accessing and persisting through colleges that match their achievements, needs, and ambitions.
10.  Is an active participant of the Cristo Rey Network.