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Strategic Priorities 2022-2026

Academic Success

College readiness from every perspective – academic, professional, social-emotional – is the overall goal of the Vision 2026 Strategic Plan. Foundational to this is a heightened focus on academic success that begins with an enhanced admissions process. Greater schoolwide collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and better utilization of existing community resources will bolster a fully integrated approach to academic, professional and personal success. These will be evident through:

  • Additional opportunities to foster spiritual curiosity and faith formation among students and adults
  • Full implementation of the instructional framework, evaluation system, and learning and self-assessment processes
  • A refined college advising program
  • Dual credit and College Credit Plus options for students
  • Summer bridge and enrichment programs for incoming and current students
  • A more vibrant school community with intentional and fully subsidized activities, athletics, leadership experiences, and study abroad opportunities for students, faculty and staff.


Corporate Work Study Program

DePaul Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) remains a unique differentiator and unmatched opportunity for Greater Cincinnati students. No other local high school provides a work-study program of this caliber. While the economic, social and workforce reverberations of the pandemic continue to impact this program, they are also the catalyst for its recalibration. The enhanced Corporate Work Study Program will be fully integrated with the academic program and demonstrate the following results:

  • In-person or remote work study placements for every student that are engaging, meaningful and well-matched
  • New sales, placement and student training strategies that address and adapt to changing and emerging workforce trends such as remote work
  • An enhanced CWSP curriculum and training program that best prepares students for the expectations and growing demands of partners
  •  A significant increase in partner retention for consecutive years
  •  A significant increase in partners offering summer employment to students
  •  A waiting list of corporate partners eager to hire students.



Acknowledging that the academic and professional success of DePaul Cristo Rey graduates begins before they are even Bruins, the Vision 2026 Strategic Plan calls for a heightened focus on the admissions process. Essential to this is the completion, this year, of the Bruin at Grad profile to serve as the foundation. The results will include:

  • Elevated admissions standards that reflect Cristo Rey Network and Bruin at Grad expectations
  • The integration of new assessments into the admissions process and subsequent years to measure students’ academic, spiritual, social-emotional, and professional growth over four years
  • Clearly defined and communicated parent expectations leading to increased family engagement
  • Strengthened relationships with appropriate feeder schools including CISE, private, charter, and public elementary and middle schools
  • Increased enrollment.

Talent Management

All advancements within the Vision 2026 Strategic Plan hinge on having the right people in the right positions. The focus on talent management and development includes the recruitment of new faculty and staff as well as the retention and professional development of current and future employees. The following initiatives will ensure that DePaul Cristo Rey’s employee retention and staff engagement is consistently higher than the annual, national average for educators and school administrators. These include the establishment of:

  • A defined recruiting pipeline and process
  • A defined staff retention plan
  • A comprehensive performance management, observation and evaluation plan
  • A competitive, progressive compensation and total rewards program
  • Best-practice professional development opportunities
  • A volunteer recruitment and management program.