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Bruin at Grad

Bruin at Grad:
Statements of Belief:

Bruins Believe in God, themselves, and their community. 
Bruins Achieve by engaging in a college-preparatory and career-focused education.
Bruins Become skillful servant leaders.

Bruins Believe

  • In God's purpose in their life. “I have been called.”
  • In themselves. “I matter and I can overcome.”   
  • In others. “I am willing to serve my community with compassion and care. I respect those of all faith and no faith traditions.”

Bruins Achieve 

  • College readiness through hard work, practice and persistence.
  • Success through an openness to new opportunities and experiences.
  • Leadership in the professional arena and take those skills with them to college.

Bruins Become

  • Committed to self-growth and development.
  • Committed to doing justice.