The All in @10 program guides students through a minimum of 10 steps each year to become college ready.

Freshman Year:

  • Ace your classes!
  • Get to know your counselor and meet each quarter to discuss your academic and career goals. 
  • Create your resume with CWSP. 
  • Complete the Strengths Explorer on Naviance.  
  • Complete VIA strengths Survey.
  • Get involved! Try a new club or a new sport.
  • Attend at least one college fair: NACAC, CABUCA or DPCR’s annual college fair are all great options.
  • Become active in your community. Complete 10 or more community service hours and don’t forget to log those hours with Campus Ministry each year. 
  • Visit at least 2 college campuses and attend 5 College Rep Visits. Rep visits are in Naviance. Don’t forget to “favorite” the colleges you like in “Colleges I’m thinking about” in Naviance. 
  • Participate in a service learning trip or a summer college immersion program.