The All in @10 program guides students through a minimum of 10 steps each year to become college ready.

Senior Year:

  • Review your transcript, academic goals and career goals with your counselor. 
  • ACE YOUR CLASSES---Don’t let senioritis be a hurdle to graduation! 
  • Apply to a diversity college fly-in program.
  • Review college essays, college list and resume with your counselor. 
  • Participate in College Blitz Week and apply to 10-25 “right fit” colleges.
  • Create student and Parent FSA ID and Submit your FAFSA by October 31. Don’t forget to complete the FSA ID student and parent log-in information sheet. 
  • Apply to 20 or more scholarships. Free $$$ for college! 
  • Visit at least 4 college campuses and participate in 10 College Rep Visits. Rep visits are in Naviance. Attend at least one college fair: NACAC, CABUCA or DPCR’s annual college fair are great options. Don’t forget to “favorite” the colleges you like in “Colleges I’m thinking about” in Naviance. 
  • Review all Financial Aid Award letters your counselor to find your “best financial fit” college. 
  • Choose the “right fit” college for you!
  • Complete Senior Clearance Family Meeting with your counselor. 

Bonus: Meet with Ms. Wright, Director of Graduate Success, before you go leave for college in the fall.