Greetings DPCR Alumni,

My name is Larisa Wright and I am delighted to serve as the Director of Graduate Success for our alumni. The DPCR goal: “Every Student Will Graduate High School and College,” is very important to everyone within the DePaul Cristo Rey community. My mission is to provide academic support to guide you through the journey of higher education. I will also help you navigate personal challenges that happen while you are in college.  

You have the unique opportunity to use me as an additional resource to help make your higher educational goals a reality. College is a different world and can be difficult to manage without knowing the right questions to ask or resources available to assist you. Together we will learn to navigate your university community so that you can optimize your time there.

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Larisa Wright, M.Ed.
Director of Graduate Success
513.861.0600, ext. 333