Pathways to Partnership





Partner with the DePaul Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program and reap the benefits of a trained, cost-competitive and well-supported workforce with a reputation of reliability and success. Tap into a pipeline of young talent, boost workforce diversity, and advance minority candidates.
The Pathway: 
  1. Corporate and nonprofit organizations partner with DePaul Cristo Rey to hire a team of student-workers. 
  2. The partner identifies the tasks and skill sets needed for their student-workers. 
  3. DPCR prepares students for their placement with ongoing training and professional development. 
  4. An assigned DPCR Relationship Manager facilitates the relationship between the partner, school and student, troubleshooting any issues and providing ongoing student coaching if needed.





Win-Win for Students and Partners: 

This program is a win for students and partners. 
  • By working, students partially self-finance their education and contribute to their academic and professional success. 
  • Students are employees of the Corporate Work Study Program; they are not on the Partner’s payroll. 
  • DPCR ensures legal compliance for the Partner handling all payroll, legal and tax paperwork. 
  • Partners report increased morale and engagement from their associates who work with the students. When surveyed, 98% of supervisors say the program is meaningful for them.   

DIRECT LINE: 513.861.0034