Your FAQs

How does the Corporate Work Study Program work?

  • The CWSP functions as an employment agency within DePaul Cristo Rey High School. 
  • Students are employees of the CWSP, not the Corporate Partner. 
  • Partners pay a competitive, annual service fee to the CWSP which directly covers student tuition. 
  • CWSP manages all employment verification, payroll and tax details as well as logistics and transportation for students to and from work. 
  • Students work in a four-person job-sharing team to fill one full-time equivalent position, Monday through Friday, during the academic year. 

How can we make this program work if our employees aren’t in the office every day? 

  • Students are a great resource to complete the in office administrative tasks that your remote employees can’t complete such as filing and processing mailings. 
  • We can work with you to develop and supervise remote work assignments for students. 

How does DPCR support the on-the-job supervisors at our companies?

  • Each company is assigned a DPCR Relationship Manager who serves as a liaison between your team and the student workers, answering questions, troubleshooting or offering additional student coaching. 
  • Students receive ongoing feedback, performance reviews and training throughout the school year. 
  • Students receive a grade and academic credit for CWSP participation. 

What makes this program unique? 

  • The Cristo Rey Network® has a provision from the U.S. Department of Labor allowing the school’s CWSP to employ students 14 years of age and older. 
  • Student earnings directly support the cost of their private, college-preparatory education. 
  • This education and your support strengthen students’ pathways to a bachelor’s degree, increasing economic mobility and advancing racial equity. 

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