Be a Champion of Change
Building on the success of the inaugural event last fall, a group of enthusiastic table captains will lead the second annual 2019 Champions of Change event on October 8, 2019, at the Cintas Center.

This year Champions of Change will be a one-hour breakfast (from 8:00-9:00 a.m.) to introduce the school to new friends and hopefully surpass last year’s success which, in one hour, raised almost $80,000 to support the school.

Abby Held at abby.held@dpcr.net
Lisa Muething at lisa.muething@dpcr.net
Can't join us for this breakfast? You can still be a Champion of Change by making a donation.
Table Captains
Steve Ashe
Rick Beers
Andy Cassady
Jamie Charlton
Jim Daffin
Mike Dooley
Alex Ewing
Laura Funke
Abby Held
Katie Hoekzema
Andrew Horning
Laura Hunter
Lauren Joseph
Niki Krebs
Tom Lieser
Steve McDevitt
Brad McPeek
Anne Megerle
Jaime Meyer
Lisa Muething
Tommy Muething
Tiffany Porter Shabazz
Nick Reilly
Joe Sunderman
Kelley Tracy
Neil Ursic
Mike Veith
Maria Welsh
Andre Williams