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Become a Corporate Partner


Be a part of the solution that opens doors of opportunity to urban students and builds a stronger, better workforce for the future of our community.

How does the Corporate Work Study Program benefit a student?

By working, students gain entry-level work experience in a professional setting and gain exposure to college educated colleagues. Students begin to see the relevance of their education for future career success. Many DePaul Cristo Rey students likely have had few experiences knowing individuals who have graduated from high school or college.

How old must a student be to participate in the CWSP at the high school?

All students must be 14 years of age before they can begin work in the program.

What kind of tasks can students perform at work?

DePaul Cristo Rey students will be prepared to excel in entry-level tasks that are clerical in nature. These might include: filing, scanning, answering phones, delivering mail, or data entry. A student’s job description may evolve over time with experience and grow to include more technical and difficult tasks.

Are the students trained?

All DePaul Cristo Rey students will participate in an intensive summer training program as part of an orientation to the high school. In addition, all students will receive training continually throughout the school year with specific attention given to improving literacy, problem-solving skills and interpersonal/communication skills. Our goal is to help students feel successful at the workplace by empowering them with robust support and instruction.

How many students are in a team?

A team of four students work together to cover one full-time position. All students work five days per month. Each student will work one day per week regularly and one additional, rotating day monthly.

How do the student employees get to work each day?

Daily work schedules are unique to each work site and will be determined by the corporate partner and CWSP director. One benefit of our program is that we will transport all student employees to their job sites each morning and pick them up each afternoon. All students arrive at school each morning, participate in the morning assembly and then head to either work or class.

Do all students go to work?

All DePaul Cristo Rey students must participate in the work study program. CWSP is a part of the total curriculum of the school and helps to finance a significant part of the cost of each student’s education.

Who supervises student employees at work?

All corporate partners will be asked to assign a supervisor who will give instruction and guidance to the DePaul Cristo Rey team of students. This supervisor will work closely with the CWSP staff to monitor student performance in terms of attendance, teamwork, productivity, accuracy, time management and professional conduct.

Does the work schedule interfere with academic studies?

Following the successful model of other Cristo Rey schools, students at DePaul Cristo Rey fulfill all requirements of a college prep high school in an extended day format. The daily schedule is organized so that all students complete a full weekly class schedule.

For more information about how to become a Corporate Partner with DePaul Cristo Rey High School please contact: 

Executive Director Abby Held at abby.held@dpcr.net

Business Development Associate Maureen Babbitt at maureen.babbitt@dpcr.net


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