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96% of Students Are Meeting or Exceeding Work Expectations
Posted 04/13/2018 11:32AM

The results are in –  third quarter on-the-job evaluations show that 96 percent of DePaul Cristo Rey students are meeting or exceeding on-the-job expectations in their Corporate Work Study Program positions.

All DPCR students are evaluated quarterly on their work and receive a grade and academic credit. These evaluations are done on a score from one to five; five is the ranking for “consistently exceeds expectations.”

At an end-of-the quarter recognition ceremony on April 6 (pictured), 139 students were recognized for achieving the highest possible evaluation scores (a five) for their on-the-job performance.

Grade 9 – 5 Rating

Tauri A., Evelynn B., Adiaratou B., Lesley B., Rakiya D., Tavian F., Alayshia F., Richard G., Martin I., Nilda JA., Allison K., MiKayla K., Katherine K., Mohamed L., Ja’Kyla LD., Diana MG., Alinson MP., Charissa M., Haidera P., Christopher P., Esmeralda P., Corey R., Ramiro RC., Donae R., Reyna S., Fernando V., Nicholas V., Jada W., Shania W., Liasia W., Gynino W.

Grade 10 – 5 Rating

Abdelmadjid A., Cherie A., Desiree A., Fredy A., Andrea BJ., Esvin BP., Tiarramarie B., Hailey B., Aaliyah B., Denis C., Tatyana C., Azyria D., Lizbeth E., Marianna F., Grace F., Danyea G., Nickiha G., Miah H., Breyanna Johnson., Montez J., Samba K., Isaiah L., Stephanie MB., Hailey M., Jurrien N., Aurora O., Zion R., Mamou S., Michelle SG., Te’Asia S., Romell S., Taylynn T., Hadiyah W., Donald W., Korynn W., Jeremiah W. 

Grade 11 – 5 Rating

Chauhkiyin B., Josiah B., Iyanna B., Heidi C., Tanasia D., Terrance D., Shannon D., Ian D., Kendall F., JaKobe F., Yehimi GL., Kayla G., DaSean G., Daniel G., Bryce G., Parisian H., Dashaun L., Ever LV., Malikah M., Dyamontre M., Jarren M., Maynor OP., Neli BP., Erik R., Sita S., Demyaca S., Yahmell S., Jaelyn T., Cameron W., Elijah W., Brandonlyn W.

Grade 12 – 5 Rating

Anthony A., Markeisha B., Damon B., Destiny C., Adiah C., Kevin E., Jamie E., Adriana E., Heaven E., Josmary F., Alejandra H., Milton H., Shannon J., Joshua J., Kirrick K., Jasmine K., Haley K., Lili K., Elias M., Darius M., Sandra R., Itzel RM., Zion R., Luke R., Tyler R., Meagan R., My-Asia R., Kytrell S., Isabella S., Nykell S., Zanieyah S., Lauren T., Angel U., Zion W., Shefonte W., Devonna W., Makayla W., Elva Z., Staci Z., Danielle Z.



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