Gallagher SKS is Molding the Workforce of the Future

At Gallagher SKS, Office Service Supervisor Deborah Brandy agrees with the perspective that the Corporate Work Study Program is a win for both employers and students. Deborah supervises a team of four DPCR students, including sophomore Darrion Arnold whose work this year earned him a CWSP Student of the Month honor in March.

“Darrion is a very good worker,” says Deborah. “He is always on time, at his desk working. If he runs out of work or doesn’t understand something, he seeks me out to ask questions.”

Deborah values the contributions Darrion and the rest of the DPCR team make to the company. “This program has brought help to us in areas where things need to get done, but the tasks take us from other, more important areas. Our employees have quickly gotten used to what these students can do, and seek out their assistance,” she says.

This is Gallagher SKS’ second year as a CWSP Partner, and Deborah says lessons learned the first year have helped improve this year’s partnership. “I’ve learned students need structure and should not be isolated, they need to be near the flow of other employees. They also need a schedule and clear expectations,” she explains. “I recommend that supervisors find each student’s strength and interest. It will make the work and the experience more meaningful.”

Darrion sees a business career in his future, hoping to go to Notre Dame and major in business. He understands the value of this work experience he’s getting as a high school student. “It’s important to be a hard worker and persevere at the job you’re doing,” he explains. “I’ve learned a work ethic and to be organized - work skills that transfer to high school and college. Sometimes the work tasks aren’t fun, but they help prepare me for the future,” he adds.

The opportunity to impact these future professionals continues to underlie the commitment of Deborah and everyone at Gallagher SKS. “This is an opportunity to mold students for the future workforce; we take a lot of pride in that,” she says.

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