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School Wellness Policy

DePaul Cristo Rey High School (DPCR) is committed to the optimal development of every student. The school believes that for students to have the opportunity to achieve personal, academic, developmental and social success, we need to create a positive, safe, healthy, spiritual, and nurturing learning environment at every level, in every setting, throughout the school year.

Research shows that two components, good nutrition and physical activity, are strongly correlated with positive student outcomes. At DPCR we have additional components that address the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our students. Supported by a unified effort of staff and community partners, the implementation of the wellness policy is as follows:

Food and Nutrition

  • The school ensures that all reimbursable schools meals meet or exceed the NSLP Breakfast & Lunch guidelines, offering 100% whole grains, low-fat and reduced sodium food components.
  • With the implementation of the vegetable cold bar (2013-14) students now have daily access to fresh fruits and vegetables offered in a natural state or prepared salads.
  • Healthy Living tips are communicated inside the cafeteria via a TV monitor promoting good nutrition, physical activity, and positive student achievements.
  • A school garden (seasonal) supports taste testing, instills the value of our earth for its bountiful blessings, and supports a service project that protects our planet, connects our roots and beautifies our campus.
  • LaSoupe is a community partner that supports food insecurity by collecting quality unused food from grocery stores and bakeries, transforming it into meals by trained chefs, and delivering them to the school for students to take home to their families.
  • Student representative(s) support the implementation of food taste testing and an upcoming recycling program.

Physical/Health Education

  • Students at each grade level are engaged in PE and/or Healthy Lifestyle class and/or General Health which includes physical activity and weight training with an emphasis on core strength, agility cardio and endurance activities.
  • Health class focuses on nutrition, first aid, CPR, alcohol/tobacco use, STD’s, and mental health.
  • Athletic organizations emphasize off-season conditioning relative to particular sports for optimal physical fitness and increased performance.

Counseling/Social Services and Student Wellness

  • School based services – services provided through a team from Beech Acres support the social needs of students on a confidential and individual basis.
  • Class Retreats – each grade level participates in a guided retreat established by the school campus ministry team that supports spiritual and emotional growth. Students are engaged in a number of activities that include journaling, faith sharing, prayer, meditation, and community talks that ignite the soul and strengthen the student community.

 Employee Wellness

  • Bi-annual faculty/staff retreat – this off-campus retreat focuses on self-reflections and community-building activities that strengthen our faculty/staff community and support our leadership endeavors.
  • Faculty/Staff Social Events – quarterly scheduled activities that engage our faculty and staff and their families for fellowship.
  • Fitness Activities – optional fitness participation in community relay runs, full-access to weight training/fitness room, and in-school competitive spirited contests between students and staff.

Community Engagement

  • All families have access to weight/fitness room upon completion of signed waiver(s). Students under 18 must be accompanied by an authorized representative.
  • The Bruin Parent Walking Club meets twice per week to engage parent(s) in cardio exercise to support optimal health and encourage community relations.

In addition to this web site, this school wellness policy is communicated via email, faculty/staff meetings and community meetings. The Food Service Manager collaborates with committee members to update guidelines and assess results annually. The Food Service Manager supports the continuity of progress throughout the year.

Wellness Committee

Stacia Perry – Food Service Manager

Lynne Morris – Health/PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Lisa Atkins– Director of Business Administration

Shalay Diehl – Beech Acres Staff

Community Partner – LaSoupe




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