Bruins will engage in essential content and practices to develop productive, interdisciplinary habits of mind in their pursuit of a high school and college diploma!

 Entering Campus
 •  Everyone should wash their hands frequently throughout the day for a minimum of 20 seconds. 
 •  Your temperature will be taken and if it is at or above 100º you will be isolated in the nurse’s office.
   Everyone will be required to wear a mask in public spaces. DPCR will provide one mask to every student.
 Social Distancing
 •  Social distancing will be achieved through smaller class sizes, Plexiglas partitions in classrooms and the Bruin Café, and new traffic patterns in hallways and public spaces.
Cleanliness and Hygiene
  Everyone should wash their hands frequently throughout the day for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  Hygiene stations will be located around campus with hand sanitizer and tissues. Additional and more frequent campus cleaning is scheduled.

If you/your student feels sick, please complete this Google form for the school nurse. 

Family Resources


Student Resources

Visitors Guidelines
Due to COVID-19, visitors are severely limited on campus. “Drop-in” guests are strongly discouraged and may be denied access to the buildings.
Please make arrangements ahead of time for any meetings and when you arrive at campus:
  Use the new Central Parkway entrance after September 8. The Clifton Hills side of campus will be closed. Please see map under Student Resources.
  Park in designated visitor spots The circle drive at our new entrance is  a Fire Lane and there is no parking. After September 15, more visitor spots will be available in the former White Castle property to the south of the entrance. After 9 a.m., there is street parking available on the west side of Central Parkway.
  Please wear a mask. 
  Sanitize your hands at the front entrance.
  Submit to a temperature check.
  Follow all social distancing guidelines and see signs for traffic patterns in hallways and public spaces.     

If you exhibit any of the signs of COVID-19 listed on the left side of this page, please do not enter our school out of respect for the health and safety of our DPCR community.