Keeping Our Community Safe

Updated February 2022

Parents: if your student is sick, please follow the steps below.

If your student tests positive, regardless of vaccine status: 
  • Call the school and talk to the school nurse. 
  • She/he will need to stay home and isolate for 5 days (do not go around others in your home and if you have to leave isolation for some reason you need to wear a mask).
  • Day 0 will start with day of symptoms or, if there are no symptoms, day 0 will be the day of the test. If you do not know when symptoms started, then we will go with the day of your test. 
  • If the student is symptom-free on day 6 then she/he may return to school and wear a mask. They will need to wear a mask everywhere for the next 5 days outside of school as well.
  • If she/he still has symptoms, stay home until they are gone. 
  • Students do not need to retest to return to school.

If you are exposed and you are fully vaccinated (had booster, primary series Moderna or Pfizer less than 6 months ago or J&J less than 2 months ago):

  • Your student does not need to quarantine at home. She/he may return to school but must be very good about wearing a mask. 
  • She/he will need to test for COVID-19 after day 5
  • If she/he starts with symptoms or tests positive, they must then stay home and follow the above protocols for positive COVID-19. 

If you are exposed and you are not vaccinated or not up-to-date (only had 1 dose of Pfizer or Moderna or it has been longer than 6 months since either of these vaccines, or longer than 2 months for J&J and no booster):

  • Your student needs to stay home for 5 days after her/his last exposure, day 0 starts with day of exposure and day 1 is the first full day after the last contact with a person who has had COVID-19. 
  • Test for COVID-19 after day 5
  • If your student develops symptoms or tests positive, then stay home and follow the protocol above for positive COVID-19. 


   All students and staff will wear masks following the latest recommendation of the CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention).
Cleanliness and Hygiene
   Everyone should wash their hands frequently throughout the day.
   Hygiene stations will be located around campus with hand
sanitizer and tissues. 

Family Resources


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Visitors Guidelines

All visitors must wear masks when visiting the DPCR campus, regardless of vaccination status.


1.  You have a body temperature at or above 100º.
2.  If you are currently diagnosed with COVID-19, or have had contact in the last fourteen days with anyone who has or was then diagnosed with COVID-19.
3.  If you have been asked to self-quarantine by any hospital or health agency.
4.  If you are exhibiting any one or combination of the symptoms of COVID-19 identified in the left side column at the top of this page.