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Annual grade level retreats are mandatory for all students, regardless of faith tradition. During retreats there is time for students to grow as a community, as well as in their relationship with God, through prayer, fun activities, speakers, and fellowship.

Optional, voluntary retreats are also offered throughout the school year. Students can apply to attend these retreats as an opportunity to grow in Christian faith.

Grade 9: This is a one-day retreat on campus focused on helping students understand their identity as a child of God.

Grade 10: This is a one-day retreat at an off-campus location that helps students focus on gaining freedom from the things that keep them from living to their fullest potential.

Grade 11: Juniors attend a two-day, overnight retreat off campus focused on becoming an “overcomer” to address life challenges.

Grade 12: Seniors leave campus for three days and two nights for their retreat with the theme of becoming servant leaders.