DePaul Cristo Rey students are our region’s youngest professionals. The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) offers them valuable, resume-building professional experience. Here’s how they express their gratitude for CWSP’s impact.
DePaul Cristo Rey requires all new students to attend CORE, a two-week summer job preparation program. This is followed by ongoing training and support for all students throughout the school year.
Students receive a grade each quarter for their CWSP participation as well as academic credit. 
The Overall Performance Grade Scale is:
          5 – Consistently Exceeds Expectations (100%)
          4 – Occasionally Exceeds Expectations (89%)
          3 – Meets Expectations (79%)
          2 – Occasionally Meets Expectations (69%)
          1 – Rarely Meets Expectations (64%) 
Corporate Partner/Supervisors review student worker performance four times a year grading students on:
  • Business Practices
  • Lifelong Learning Behaviors
  • Technical Skills.