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Welcome to DePaul Cristo Rey

Igniting Dreams and Fueling Potential

Believe. Achieve. Become.

Bruins Believe in God, themselves, and their community.
Bruins Achieve by engaging in a college preparatory and career focused education.
Bruins Become skillful servant leaders.

Get to Know DePaul Cristo Rey

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Bruin Voices


“I chose DPCR because of its college prep education, Corporate Work Study Program, and deep involvement with the college process. Knowing that DPCR could offer me the resources needed to thrive in a college setting created a sense of security for eighth grade me. When choosing a high school that gets you to and through college, DePaul Cristo Rey is the best choice.”

JOYCE TUBBS, Aunt of Jazmin '25

“DePaul Cristo Rey has been the perfect fit for my niece, Jazmin. Before enrolling here, she was quiet and timid; DPCR has helped her learn to speak up and speak out. DPCR’s staff makes their students feel comfortable and they let her know she has a voice and when to use it.


JIM WATKINS, President of Triversity Construction

“Triversity truly appreciates the opportunity to participate in DePaul Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program. The students are excited and ready to learn, making the experience enjoyable for both our team and the student. We aim to expose these students to career opportunities in a real-time fashion, offering mentorship and guidance for future endeavors and goals. We hope the experience will positively influence their career aspirations, especially in the field of construction.”


STEPHANIE McMANUS, English Teacher

“As a teacher at DPCR, I am given the resources, time, and creative freedom to go above and beyond for my students. Teaching here has really been a dream for me. My students deserve the world, and I feel like I can give it to them.” 


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